Podcasting Equipment Setup: My Recomendations

This is a list of some of the podcasting equipment that I personally recommend for a basic podcast setup (1-4 people), in a home recording environment. The gear you end up buying will depend on your budget, personal preference, and needs. Or perhaps what you already have at your disposal!

As with most audio equipment, large jumps in price often only equate to minute differences in the end result. A good podcast can be produced with entry-level audio equipment which won’t cost a lot. Some basic recording knowledge will go a long way in improving the overall production value of your podcast, as will acoustic treatment and basic post-production techniques like EQ.

This is post is based on a webinar that I hosted on the topic of ‘podcast equipment’. You can listen back to a recording of that webinar below:

Let’s start with microphones:

Low-cost dynamic stage microphone:

Sennheiser E850 – Cost: 97 AUD

Broadcast-style dynamic microphone:

Rode Procaster – Cost 249 AUD

Amazing broadcast-style dynamic microphone:

Shure SM7B – Cost 799 AUD

Low-cost condenser:

AudioTechnica AT2020 – Cost 150 AUD

USB mic (with XLR connection):

AudioTechnica ATR-2100 – Cost 150 AUD

Audio Interfaces:

I really like the Focusrite Scarlett Range:

2 Channel, Cost – 359 AUD

Or for an even lower-cost option, the Behringer U-Phoria:

2 Channel, Cost – 150 AUD

Make sure you have enough mic inputs to record all podcast speakers. Both of the interfaces above have 2-input models and up.

Closed-Back Headphones:

ATH-M20X – Cost – 89 AUD

Sony MDRZX110 – Cost – 27 AUD



Other Accessories:

You will most likely need XLR cables, microphone stands, and a pop-filter (especially for condenser mics). With all of these items, you get what you pay for but there is no need to go over-board. I do not have any brand allegiance in this department!

A decent stand will make for a more comfortable recording experience, such as the one below:

Icon MB03 Desk Mounted Stand – Cost – 89 AUD

Remote Recording Software:

Zoom – Free (low quality)

Squadcast – Cost 9 US and up, per month, depending on the number of recording hours needed per month.

Zencastr – Free for 2 speakers, up to 8 hours per month.