Podcast Editing Service

If you’ve ever published a podcast, you know that completing an episode takes a lot of time.

Let me handle the post-production process so you can focus on other things!

the Process:

I’ll take your raw dialogue, music, sfx and editorial notes and return a completed episode using specialist knowledge in:


Proactively listening to your content, I will remove any unwanted distractions such as filler words (‘ums’ and ‘ahs’), long pauses, mouth noises, stammers, etc.


Mixing involves audio restoration and sound processing to make your episode sound as professional as possible. 


The final part of the process ensures your episode is at the right volume and format for distribution online.

Easy Pricing

Simply pay for what you need on a per-episode basis. All prices are in AUD plus GST.

Up to 30 minutes. $120 per episode

30+ minutes. $225 per Episode

An attentive consideration of your content from a listener’s perspective: A detailed edit involves the removal of mistakes and distractions such as long pauses, hesitations, stammers, and filler words, making your episode clear and to the point.

Payment Terms and service Detail

Delivery is within 3 business days of receiving all episode content.

Payment is made in full before the release of the finished episode. 

Priority turnaround is the delivery of a completed content anytime sooner than the standard turnaround time of 3 business days. A fee of $125 applies.