Podcast Editing Service

Editing a podcast can be quite an undertaking!

Working together, I can make your show sound great whilst freeing you up to focus on what you’re best at.

How it Works

I’ll take your raw recordings, music, editorial notes, and return a completed episode by:


Proactively listening to your content, I will remove any filler words (‘ums’ and ‘ahhs’), long pauses, mouth noises, stammers, etc. All whilst keeping the flow natural.


Mixing is the art of audio processing to make your episode sound balanced and clear, bringing out the best in each voice with tonal enhancement and noise reduction.


What is mastering? Only a few claim to know… In this context, we are talking about consistent loudness levels for distribution online – so you can be clearly heard.

Flexible and Customised Service

The editing service can be personalised to your needs. Here are examples:

Mix Only

You want to keep the conversation natural and don’t need detailed editing. Instead, I will organise the various parts of your show and mix and master your episode so that it sounds professional and balanced.


Improve the clarity of your message with attentive consideration of your content from a listener’s perspective. I will go through and do a detailed edit removing mistakes, long pauses, and filler words – tightening up your show and boosting production value considerably.

service Detail

Delivery is within 3 business days, from the day after receiving all episode content.

Prices are calculated for episodes up to 60 minutes in length. A fee of $35 will be incurred for each additional 15 minutes of unedited audio over this limit. 

Priority turnaround is the delivery of a completed episode requested anytime sooner than the standard 3 business days. A fee of $125 applies.

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